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NAUH Publishes New Study

The National Association of Urban Hospitals today released a new study that examines thefinancial impact on urban safety-net hospitals of health care reform and other cuts in Medicare payments on urban safety-net hospitals. The study, The Disproportionate Impact of Medicare Cuts and Health Care Reform on Urban Safety-Net Hospitals, shows that these cuts – in Medicare disproportionate share payments (Medicare DSH), from productivity adjustments and documentation and coding adjustments, in bad debt reimbursement, in hospital readmissions reduction program penalties, and Medicare sequestration cuts – are taking a significant financial toll on urban safety-net hospitals.  The study documents both the disproportionate [&hellip

NAUH Issues News Release

On the heels of the publication of a new Medicare regulation that imposes major cuts in qualified hospitals’ Medicare disproportionate share payments (Medicare DSH), the National Association of Urban Hospitals issued a press release asking Congress to protect urban safety-net hospitals by delaying all Medicare DSH cuts and directing the administration to adjust its approach to future Medicare DSH reductions. See the NAUH news release here

Protect Hospitals From Medicare DSH Cuts, NAUH Asks Congress

Protect urban safety-net hospitals from Medicare DSH cuts by delaying those cuts, the National Association of Urban Hospitals asked Congress yesterday. In a message to every member of Congress, NAUH observed that the Affordable Care Act-mandated requirement to reduce Medicare disproportionate share hospital payments (Medicare DSH) in anticipation of more people getting health insurance and hospitals providing less care to the uninsured was thrown off balance by the decision of many states not to expand their Medicaid programs in the wake of the Supreme Court decision making that expansion optional. Private, non-profit urban safety-net hospitals are already struggling to accommodate [&hellip

Medicare Payment Rule FY 2015: Inpatient Rates to Rise 1.4 Percent

Medicare inpatient rates will increase 1.4 percent in FY 2015. But the already-shrinking Medicare disproportionate share (Medicare DSH) pool will be $900 million smaller than proposed in April. These and other payment policies were included in the recently unveiled Medicare inpatient prospective payment system regulation for FY 2015. The new regulation, to be published shortly in the Federal Register, also addresses changes in Medicare’s value-based purchasing program, hospital readmissions reduction program, and outlier threshold and introduces Medicare’s new hospital-acquired conditions program and changes in hospitals’ Medicare area wage indexes. The National Association of Urban Hospitals (NAUH) has prepared a summary [&hellip

NAUH Comments on Proposed FY 2015 Medicare Inpatient Regulation: Part 4 of 7

Every year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS) publishes in the Federal Register a draft regulation describing how it proposes paying hospitals for the inpatient care they provide to their Medicare patients in the coming fiscal year.  The proposed inpatient prospective payment system regulation for FY 2015 was published on May 15, and as always, CMS invited interested parties to submit written comments. The National Association of Urban Hospitals has always found CMS to be receptive and even responsive to its comments and therefore takes the opportunity to submit detailed comments and suggestions about the agency’s annual proposal. [&hellip

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