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The National Association of Urban Hospitals consists of private, non-profit urban safety-net hospitals that work together to advocate fair and adequate support, financing, and reimbursement from government payers – Medicare and Medicaid – for hospitals that serve America's neediest urban communities.

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Noteworthy News

  • A recent study concluded that hospitals can expect to lose about $218 billion in federal Medicare and Medicaid[…]
  • The non-partisan legislative branch agency that advises Congress and the administration on Medicare payment policies has submitted its[…]
  • Accountable care organizations, one of the centerpieces of recent Medicare efforts to test new ways to deliver care[…]
  • Budget challenges may lead some states to seek changes in their Medicaid programs aimed at saving money. Or[…]
  • In a letter to the leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, NAUH has endorsed H.R. 6071,[…]
  • A new review of studies published since the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion has concluded that expansion improved[…]
  • They may if they serve Medicaid patients. Or so suggests a new Health Affairs report. As growing numbers[…]
  • A new study suggests that the reduction in hospital readmissions of recent years may not be as meaningful[…]
  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has unveiled a “scorecard” through which interested parties will be able[…]
  • Payment cuts in the 340B prescription drug program will most likely hurt hospital financial performance, and among those[…]