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States Challenge Medicaid Expansion

Twenty-six states have filed a legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid eligibility. The expansion, scheduled to begin in 2014, is expected to add about 15 million people to the nation’s Medicaid rolls. The states argue that the requirement is coercive because states that do not comply would be excluded from the Medicaid program and the federal matching funds that come with participation. Medicaid expansion is a vital component of health care reform for the nation’s urban safety-net hospitals.  Many of the people who would become eligible for Medicaid under the expansion are currently uninsured.  When they [&hellip

Medicaid Activity in Ohio

The state of Ohio is looking at some new possible approaches to serving its Medicaid population. The Governor’s Office of Health Care Transformation plans to contract with insurers and providers to pay them more to keep Medicaid patients healthy and less when they treat Medicaid patients when they are ill.  Read about this in a Columbus Dispatch article. Meanwhile, the same office has released a proposal to change how the state serves its dual eligible population – Ohioans eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare.   Read about that proposal in this Dayton Daily News article

NAUH Asks Congress to Protect Urban Safety-Net Hospitals

NAUH has written to all members of Congress to express its support for a Medicare “doc fix” but also to urge members not to pay for the doc fix, or for any of the other measures currently being addressed by the congressional payroll tax/SGR extension conference committee, by taking funds from Medicare and reducing Medicare payments to urban safety-net hospitals.   Read NAUH’s message to Congress here

Congratulations to Baystate Medical Center

The National Association of Urban Hospitals (NAUH) wishes to extend its congratulations to member hospital Baystate Medical Center, which has been cited by the Leapfrog Group as one of the country’s top 65 hospitals for quality, safety, and efficiency. Congratulations!

Medicaid Quality Measures Set

Urban safety-net hospitals serve more Medicaid patients than the typical American hospital, so they will have a correspondingly greater interest in the 26 quality measures that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has finalized for Medicaid quality reporting purposes. The quality measures, which address services provided to Medicaid-eligible adults, were mandated under the Affordable Care Act and published in draft form a year ago.  Read the regulation that presents the quality measures here

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