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CMS Proposes New Regulation Governing Overpayments

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued a proposed regulation that would give health care providers 60 days to return Medicare overpayments from the time they become aware that they have been overpaid. Providers that fail to return payments within the new guidelines would be subject to criminal and civil penalties The 2009 Affordable Care Act called for such a regulation.  Interested parties have 60 days to submit comments in writing.  The proposed regulation can be downloaded here

NAUH Asks House for Help with “Doc Fix”

In a message to all House members, NAUH asked them to sign onto a letter circulating among their colleagues, to be sent to the payroll tax conference committee, asking conferees to pay for the latest Medicare doc fix with unneeded money from the Overseas Contingency Operations Fund and to repeal the sustainable growth rate formula (SGR) that causes the perennial problem with Medicare payments to physicians

California Preparing for Reform

A new program launched by the state of California last summer is helping the state get ready for the 2014 expansion of Medicaid mandated by the Affordable Care Act. The state’s Low-Income Health Program has enrolled more than 260,000 low-income people who do not currently qualify for Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program.  The cost of benefits for participants is shared by counties and federal government, and come 2014, all of those participants will automatically be enrolled in Medi-Cal when the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion takes effect.  At that time, the program will end State officials hope this program will [&hellip

Managed Care for Disabled Medicaid Recipients

Even as states have expanded their use of managed care in serving their Medicaid populations, many have continued to serve the disabled through fee-for-service programs. Now, with the financial challenges states continue to face and the expansion of the Medicaid population beginning in 2014, more states are considering developing managed care alternatives for people with disabilities. In a new issue brief, the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured looks at the experiences some states have had serving this population through managed care and the challenges others will face as they weigh this option in the near future.  [&hellip

States Mull Mid-Year Medicaid Cuts

Faced with growing budget deficits, ten states are pursuing Medicaid cuts to help address their budget deficits sooner rather than later. This is among the findings of a mid-year budget update from the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured. The update is the product of a Kaiser survey of all 50 states and interviews with state Medicaid directors. State Medicaid cuts pose a major challenge to urban safety-net hospitals because of the large numbers of Medicaid patients they serve. The update also offers a look at what changes states are considering in the near future.  Read a summary of [&hellip

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