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New NAUH Member

The National Association of Urban Hospitals is pleased to welcome our newest member:  The Jersey City Medical Center, which is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Welcome!

Hospital Readmissions Tied to Poverty, Other Factors

At a time when Medicare and many state Medicaid programs are attempting to penalize hospitals when patients are readmitted shortly after they were discharged, researchers have found that some of those readmissions are linked to factors beyond hospitals’ control. According to research presented recently at the American Heart Association’s Quality of Care & Outcomes Research Scientific Sessions 2012, differences in regional readmission rates are more closely tied to socioeconomic factors and access to care than they are to hospitals’ performance. Researchers found that nine percent of regional variation in hospital readmission rates can be tied to patients’ poverty.  Access to [&hellip

Access to Care Declines

Non-elderly and uninsured adults have less access to health care than they did ten years ago, according to a new study released by the Urban Institute. The study, “Virtually Every State Experienced Deteriorating Access to Care for Adults Over the Past Decade,” also concluded that this deterioration of access can be found in almost every state, is even worse for the uninsured, and is especially great in states with the highest uninsured rates. Learn more about this erosion of the health care safety net and download the entire report here, on the Urban Institute’s web site

Medicaid Gives Docs a Raise

Primary care physicians serving Medicaid patients will receive a raise in their fees for the next two years. The raises, a temporary measure mandated by the Affordable Care Act, will be in effect for calendar years 2013 and 2014 and will raise Medicaid’s primary care physician fees to the same level paid by Medicare for comparable services. The $11 billion needed to pay for this raise will come from the federal government.  States will not be required to provide matching funds. Read a news release from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) about the new Medicaid primary care [&hellip

New Medicaid Advocacy Group Emerges in Texas

Seeking to counter a trend toward slashing state Medicaid spending, a new group calling itself “My Medicaid Matters” has emerged in Texas to advocate more appropriate funding for the state/federal health insurance program. Among the groups participating in the coalition are the Center for Public Policy Priorities and the Children’s Defense Fund. Read more about My Medicaid Matters, its advocacy, and the challenges Medicaid advocates face in Texas in this Dallas Morning News article

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