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Reform Law Could Decimate Hospitals’ Medicare DSH Payments

Beginning in October of 2013, urban safety-net hospitals could see cuts of up to 75 percent in the Medicare disproportionate share (Medicare DSH) payments they receive from the federal government. Medicare DSH payments are supplemental Medicare payments made to selected hospitals that care for especially large numbers of low-income patients. According to the new study “The Potential Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Urban Safety-Net Hospitals” published this week by the National Association of Urban Hospitals (NAUH), this Medicare DSH cut could cost individual private urban safety-net hospitals an average of $8 million in FY 2014 alone and $56 [&hellip

NAUH Releases New Study

The National Association of Urban Hospitals (NAUH) has released a new study, “The Potential Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Urban Safety-Net Hospitals,” that looks at how Medicare payment cuts associated with the 2010 health care reform law could affect the nation’s private, non-profit urban safety-net hospitals. Read the new NAUH study here

Sequestration Could Cost Health Care Jobs

Unless Congress reverses the sequestration of $2 billion in Medicare funding by the end of 2012, that cut in federal Medicare spending could result in the loss of nearly a half-million health care jobs in 2013 alone. So says a new report sponsored by the American Hospital Association, the American Medical Association, and the American Nurses Association. The cuts are mandated by the Budget Control Act, which Congress adopted late last year.  While discussions are under way in Congress to block or delay implementation of the sequestration cuts in Medicare, defense, and other spending areas, it is not clear at [&hellip

States Pursue End-Run Around Ban on Medicaid Eligibility Cuts

Burdened by high Medicaid costs, several states are seeking ways around the Affordable Care Act’s maintenance-of-effort requirement governing Medicaid eligibility. Illinois obtained an exception to the requirement that enabled the state to cut 26,000 people from its Medicaid rolls.  Maine awaits a decision on its request to raise its Medicaid eligibility standard in a manner that would leave 12,000 of its residents without Medicaid coverage. The Affordable Care Act’s maintenance-of-effort requirement does not expire until 2014. Because they care for so many Medicaid patients who would otherwise be uninsured, urban safety-net hospitals have an especially large stake in federal decisions [&hellip

NY Times Looks at Safety-Net Hospitals

The New York Times’ “Doctor and Patient” blog has taken a brief look at safety-net hospitals. In the article “The Fraying Hospital Safety Net,” Dr. Pauline Chen examines the challenges safety-net hospitals face and the ability of many of them, even in the face of those challenges, to deliver quality care. Read this New York Times article on safety-net hospitals here

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