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Medicaid Primary Care Pay Raise Bypasses OB/GYNs, ER Docs

When the Affordable Care Act’s mandatory rate increase for primary care services provided to Medicaid patients takes effect on January 1, ob/gyns and emergency room physicians will not be among the beneficiaries of the temporary raise in pay. Under a new regulation issued last week, only family doctors, internists, and pediatricians will receive the pay increase, which was established as a short-term (two years) incentive to attract more physicians to serve Medicaid patients in anticipation of the significant increase in enrollment expected when many states expand their Medicaid eligibility criteria in 2014. When working under the supervision of eligible primary [&hellip

Better Management of Drugs Could Reduce Medicare Readmissions, Study Suggests

More effective management of patients’ post-discharge prescription drugs could reduce unnecessary hospital readmissions among Medicare patients, a new report suggests. According to “Thinking Outside the Pillbox,” published by NEHI (previously the New England Healthcare Institute), problems managing prescription medications are among the chief causes of readmissions among Medicare patients who return to the hospital shortly after their discharge. Among the causes of these problems are patient confusion, lack of family and social support, difficulty scheduling timely medical follow-up, and the lack of information among caregivers about other prescriptions their patients may be taking. Hospitals now face penalties from Medicare if [&hellip

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