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Medicaid Safe, White House Aide Says

While the Obama administration is willing to discuss further Medicare cuts as part of a broader effort to reduce federal spending, it opposes any further cuts in Medicaid, according to a White House aide. Speaking at a Families USA conference, economic advisor Gene Sperling explained that the administration now opposes even the Medicaid cuts it proposed last year but is willing to negotiate changes in Medicare that could result in reduced spending on that program. Read more about the White House’s emerging priorities in this article from The Hill

A Medicare Cuts Menu

As policy-makers in Washington, D.C. continue to talk about ways to reduce federal spending, or at least the growth of federal spending, it is clear they also will continue to look at Medicare as a potential source of savings. When they do, they will draw from a variety of past efforts to cut Medicare costs – recommendations from congressional committees, presidential commissions, MedPAC, and others. The National Association of Urban Hospitals (NAUH) is naturally concerned about the prospect of additional Medicare cuts because the Affordable Care Act and other recent federal legislation and programs have already resulted in billions of [&hellip

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