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CMS Proposes Basic Health Program

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has unveiled a proposal to establish what it is calling a “Basic Health Program” that gives states “the option to establish a health benefits coverage program for low-income individuals who would otherwise be eligible to purchase coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.” The program, established in the Affordable Care Act, is designed for people who do not qualify for Medicaid or CHIP and whose incomes are between 133 percent and 200 percent of the federal poverty level.  Legal residents who are non-citizens whose incomes are below 133 percent of the federal poverty [&hellip

CMS Finalizes Medicaid DSH Cuts

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has issued a final Medicaid disproportionate share (Medicaid DSH) regulation that cuts federal spending on Medicaid DSH $500 million in FY 2014 and $600 million in FY 2015. The Medicaid DSH cuts were mandated by the Affordable Care Act in anticipation of every state expanding its Medicaid program.  The reform law’s Medicaid expansion mandate was later made optional by a Supreme Court ruling. Medicaid DSH cuts will hurt all urban safety-net hospitals, and the National Association of Urban Hospitals (NAUH) has conveyed its opposition to the cuts to CMS and also has [&hellip

More Than Better Pay Needed to Lure Docs to Medicaid

Primary care physicians want more than better reimbursement as an inducement to serve more Medicaid patients. They also want simpler administrative procedures, faster payment, and lower costs associated with treating those patients. These findings come from a survey of primary care physicians in Washington state. Recruiting more primary care physicians to serve Medicaid patients is more important than ever because many states will be taking advantage of Affordable Care Act incentives to expand eligibility for their Medicaid programs. The survey results and more can be found in the article “Physicians May Need More Than Higher Reimbursements to Expand Medicaid Participation: [&hellip

Medicaid Patients Get Comparable Face Time With Primary Care Docs

Primary care physicians do not spend less time with their Medicaid patients, a new study has concluded. While Medicaid patients may face greater challenges finding primary care physicians who will serve them, once they find one, those doctors will spend no less time with them than they do with their commercially insured patients.  Medicaid patients also receive more diagnostic and treatment services than their commercial counterparts as well as no less attention to preventive care. Learn more about the findings of George Washington University researchers in the article “No Evidence That Primary Care Physicians Offer Less Care to Medicaid, Community [&hellip

Reform Will Give Medicaid Population a New Look

Once the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion is implemented, the Medicaid population as a whole will be younger, whiter, healthier, and more male but also more likely to smoke and drink to excess than it is today. That is the conclusion reached by in a new report published in the Annals of Family Medicine. This means that spending per recipient may not be as great for new Medicaid recipients as it is for current beneficiaries and that a different patient population may need different approaches to addressing different health challenges. Learn more about the study and its implications in the [&hellip

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