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Bill Would Clarify Medicare’s “Two Midnight Rule”

A new bill introduced in the Senate last week would attempt to clarify Medicare’s so-called two-midnight rule for classifying hospital stays as inpatient stays or observation status and resolve the controversy surrounding the much-discussed rule. The Two-Midnight Rule Coordination and Improvement Act proposes establishing new criteria to govern how Medicare pays hospitals for short stays. Read more about the new bill in this article in Becker’s Hospital Review and see the bill itself here

Increase Use of Value-Based Purchasing, HHS Told

A study performed for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services calls for greater use of value-based purchasing in federal health care reimbursement policy. The study, performed by the RAND Corporation, recommends developing a national value-based purchasing strategy; developing a more deliberate approach to evaluating the effectiveness of value-based purchasing efforts; and developing performance measures that support value-based purchasing approaches. Such an approach could be a major challenge for urban safety-net hospitals, according to a Harvard School of Public Health analysis that found that in the first year of Medicare’s value-based purchasing program, hospitals that served the largest numbers [&hellip

President Presents Proposed FY 2015 Budget

Yesterday the Obama administration unveiled its proposed FY 2015 federal budget. The spending plan addresses a number of key matters for urban safety-net hospitals, including proposed cuts in Medicare bad debt reimbursement, graduate medical education payments, market basket updates for selected providers, and more. It also proposes increased spending to train more health care providers and to extend enhanced Medicaid primary care payments for another year. The National Association of Urban Hospitals (NAUH) has prepared a memo summarizing the proposed budget with an emphasis on the issues most important to private, non-profit urban safety-net hospitals.  To request a copy of [&hellip

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