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Keep Medicaid Pay Boost, Docs Ask Congress

Physician groups and other health care organizations are asking Congress to continue the increase in Medicaid payments that primary care providers have been receiving for nearly two years. The pay raise, mandated by the Affordable Care Act, was instituted to help induce more primary care providers to serve Medicaid patients in anticipation of the reform law’s significant expansion of Medicaid eligibility.  That pay raise, which brings Medicaid rates up to the level of Medicare rates and is paid for entirely by the federal government, expires at the end of 2014. Now, primary care physicians have written to the leaders of [&hellip

NAUH Comments on Proposed FY 2015 Medicare Inpatient Regulation: Part 4 of 7

Every year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services (CMS) publishes in the Federal Register a draft regulation describing how it proposes paying hospitals for the inpatient care they provide to their Medicare patients in the coming fiscal year.  The proposed inpatient prospective payment system regulation for FY 2015 was published on May 15, and as always, CMS invited interested parties to submit written comments. The National Association of Urban Hospitals has always found CMS to be receptive and even responsive to its comments and therefore takes the opportunity to submit detailed comments and suggestions about the agency’s annual proposal. [&hellip

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