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IRS Finalizes Standards for Non-Profit Hospitals

The Internal Revenue Service has issued guidance for non-profit hospitals on selected issues that could jeopardize their non-profit status. As described in a commentary by the U.S. Treasury Department, non-profit hospitals must: Limit charges.  Hospitals may not charge individuals eligible for financial assistance more for emergency or other medically necessary care than the amounts generally billed to patients with insurance (including Medicare, Medicaid, or private commercial insurance).  Establish and disclose financial assistance policies.  Each hospital must establish and widely publicize a financial assistance policy that clearly describes to patients the eligibility criteria for obtaining financial assistance and the method for [&hellip

NAUH Posts 2015 Advocacy Agenda

The National Association of Urban Hospitals has published its advocacy agenda for 2015. Among the highlights of the 2015 agenda are: Protecting urban safety-net hospitals from further Medicare cuts, including Medicare disproportionate share hospital payment cuts (Medicare DSH). Protecting urban safety-net hospitals from further Medicaid cuts, including Medicaid DSH cuts. Advocating risk adjustment of Medicare’s hospital readmissions reduction program. Advocating the continuation of enhanced Medicaid payments for primary care providers. Learn more about these and NAUH’s other policy priorities for 2015 in the association’s advocacy agenda, which you can find here

Low-Income Patients Struggle With Diabetes Management

Low-income diabetics are more likely than others to struggle to manage their condition – even if they have health insurance. According to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, “Increasing access to care may be insufficient to improve the health of patients with diabetes mellitus and unmet basic needs.”  The study defines those unmet needs as food insecurity, cost-related medication underuse, housing instability, and energy insecurity. The study, “Material Needs Insecurities, Control of Diabetes Mellitus, and Use of Health Care Resources,” found that difficulty affording food led to more outpatient physician visits; trouble paying for medicine and underuse of [&hellip

New NAUH Member

The National Association of Urban Hospitals is pleased to welcome its newest member:   Methodist Hospitals of Gary, Indiana. Welcome! &nbsp

Medicaid Pay Bump Gone in Most States; Will it Affect Access?

The temporary increase in Medicaid provider fees for primary care services ended yesterday, leaving observers to wonder whether it will affect access to care for the nation’s growing Medicaid population. The increase, mandated by the Affordable Care Act, raised Medicaid primary care rates to the same level as Medicare payments in the hope that more primary care providers would begin serving Medicaid patients in anticipation of significant growth in the Medicaid population.  Now that the two-year increase has ended, it is unclear whether providers who began serving Medicaid patients because of the increase will remain Medicaid providers and those who [&hellip

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