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Academies Completes Work on Social Risk Factors in Health Care

Completing its assignment from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Health and Medicine Division of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine has published its fifth and final report on social risk factors that affect health outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries and how to account for those risk factors in Medicare payments. Among other things, the report notes that Although VBP [value-based purchasing] programs have catalyzed health care providers and plans to address social risk factors in health care delivery through their focus on improving health care outcomes and controlling costs, the role of social risk factors [&hellip

Weighing the Impact of ACA Repeal

How might repeal of the Affordable Care Act affect the financial health of different kinds of hospitals? The New York Times recently took a look at how the 2010 reform law’s repeal would affect two Pennsylvania health systems: the Temple University Health System, led by a heavily Medicaid-dependent urban safety-net hospital located in one of the poorest communities in the country; and Main Line Health, a non-profit organization with several hospitals all located in affluent communities. See what the Times found here

Medicaid Directors Comment on Proposed Medicaid Pass-Through Regulation

Last November the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services proposed a new regulation governing the use of pass-through payments in state Medicaid managed care programs. The National Association of Medicaid Directors submitted formal comments to CMS about that proposed regulation. See its comments here. See NAUH’s comments on the same proposed regulation here

Medicaid Directors Set 2017 Legislative Priorities

The National Association of Medicaid Directors has published its legislative priorities for 2017. Those 13 priorities, and the manner in which the group hopes to achieve them, are: Implement requirements for advance review of federal regulations and guidance by state Medicaid staff. Require in federal statute a distinct role for state Medicaid leaders to review the conceptual soundness and operational feasibility of federal regulations and guidance prior to finalization, which directly or indirectly impact the Medicaid program. Advance value-based reimbursement methodologies for all types of Medicaid providers.   Update the tools states may use to allow for aligned value-based purchasing approaches for all [&hellip

Medicaid Directors Set Goals for First 100 Days

The National Association of Medicaid Directors has published a paper detailing its objectives for its interaction with the Trump administration during that administration’s first 100 days in office. We call upon the new Administration to convene with NAMD’s Board of Medicaid Directors to solidify specific areas for ongoing collaboration to be carried out and reflected throughout our respective agencies.  The Administration should make two updates to the process for developing federal Medicaid regulations and guidance. First, build in a step for engaging states during the pre-conceptual phase of work. Second, establish a distinct process whereby state Medicaid leaders can review [&hellip

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