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Capital Spending May Dip Because of Reimbursement Concerns

Hospitals expect to spend less on capital needs in 2013 because of continuing concern over reduced reimbursement, especially from Medicare.

Hospitals have already been targeted for cuts in Medicare bad debt reimbursement and face $155 billion in additional Medicare cuts as well as a two percent reduction in payments if Congress does not address the fiscal cliff and sequestration cuts take effect on January 1.  In addition, hospitals have experienced Medicare coding adjustments and face further cuts as a result of Medicare’s value-based purchasing program.

These and other cuts, a Premier healthcare alliance survey found, will hurt growth in hospital capital spending in 2013.

The kinds of cuts identified in the survey are especially harmful to urban safety-net hospitals because of the unusually large numbers of low-income elderly patients they serve.

Read more about the Premier survey and why hospitals are concerned about their government reimbursement in this Healthcare Finance News articleiStock_000001497717XSmall.

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