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Low-Income Patients Struggle With Diabetes Management

Low-income diabetics are more likely than others to struggle to manage their condition – even if they have health insurance. According to a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, “Increasing access to care may be insufficient to improve the health of patients with diabetes mellitus and unmet basic needs.”  The study defines those unmet needs as food insecurity, cost-related medication underuse, housing instability, and energy insecurity. The study, “Material Needs Insecurities, Control of Diabetes Mellitus, and Use of Health Care Resources,” found that difficulty affording food led to more outpatient physician visits; trouble paying for medicine and underuse of [&hellip

Is Education More Important to Health Than Access?

A new report suggests that education is more important to an individual’s overall health than access to health care. According to the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Center on Society and Health, More education means better health – in part because more education brings better jobs, improved access to health insurance, and higher earnings that can help pay for medical expenses and a healthier lifestyle. Conversely, people with less education tend to have more challenges accessing health services – lower rates of health insurance coverage and less money to afford copayments and prescription drugs; they are also more likely to live in [&hellip

The Potential Value of Medicaid Medical Homes

Are medical homes the key to better Medicaid care for patients and lower Medicaid costs for states?  A new report in the journal Health Affairs examines these questions.   “Reinventing Medicaid: State Innovations to Qualify and Pay for Patient-Centered Medical Homes Show Promising Results” examines how 17 states are aligning medical home standards and incentive payments for primary care in an effort to improve care and reduce costs.  A synopsis of the study, which was funded by the Commonwealth Fund, can be found here

Study: Medicaid Has Positive Impact on Recipients

Medicaid coverage has a positive effect on recipients – or so says a new study released last week.   Working with Harvard, MIT, and Oregon state officials, the National Bureau of Economic Research examined the impact of Medicaid coverage on a limited group of uninsured, low-income Oregon adults who were chosen by lottery to receive Medicaid coverage even though they did not meet the state’s Medicaid eligibility criteria.  The study examined the utilization of health services by these individuals, their out-of-pocket expenditures and medical debt, and their self-report physical and mental health status.  Read a Kaiser Family Foundation summary of the [&hellip

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