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Hospitals, Non-Profit Status, and Community Benefit

For years debate has raged over what non-profit hospitals must do to retain that non-profit status. That debate has gone from a general concept of what constitutes “community benefit” to local government challenges to the non-profit status of hospitals based on the general notion that they were not providing enough community benefits to merit the special tax status. The debate was raised to a new level in 2010 when the Affordable Care Act established, for the first time, national standards detailing what hospitals must do to retain their tax-exempt status. In a new issue brief, the journal Health Affairs takes [&hellip

Hospitals Struggle With Charity Care Requirements

At times because of insufficient guidance and at times as a result of questionable performance, many non-profit hospitals are having a hard time meeting the Affordable Care Act’s requirements governing the provision of charity care as a condition of retaining their tax-exempt status. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine and based on 2012 data, the vast majority of hospitals now have mandated written charity care policies yet fewer than a third of them were charging uninsured patients the same fees they charge insured patients. While most stopped reporting unpaid bills to credit agencies, fewer [&hellip

Urban Hospitals Getting More Involved in Their Communities

Driven by a combination of poverty, the tax code, and Affordable Care Act requirements, more urban hospitals are reaching out into their communities to spur employment and create economic opportunities. As described in a new Stateline report, hospitals in Baltimore, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, and elsewhere have launched new initiatives designed to foster improvements in the communities they serve by raising wages, creating more employment opportunities, increasing spending with community vendors, and investing and participating in community improvement projects – and not just health care projects. Spurring these efforts are three primary motivations: genuine need; the Affordable Care Act mandate [&hellip

Report on Public Health and Health Care

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has published a report summarizing its February workshop that explored the relationship between public health and health care. According to the IOM, the workshop … was designed to discuss and describe the elements of successful collaboration between health care and public health organizations and professionals; reflect on the five principles of primary care–public health integration (which can be applied more broadly to the health care–public health relationship): shared goals, community engagement, aligned leadership, sustainability, and data and analysis; and explore the “elephants in the room” when public health and health care interact: what are the [&hellip

Medicaid Expansion Not Significantly Improving Hospital Financial Health

While the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion has helped millions of Americans gain health insurance, it has not translated (so far) into improved financial health for the hospitals providing those Medicaid services. This is the conclusion drawn recently by Moody’s Investor Services, the credit-rating company. According to Moody’s, hospital financial performance has improved across the board since implementation of the Affordable Care Act but has not improved more in states that expanded their Medicaid programs than it has in states that chose not to expand Medicaid eligibility. As a result, hospital operating margins in states that have expanded their Medicaid [&hellip

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