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NAUH Comments on Proposed Public Charge Regulation

In a letter to the Department of Homeland Security, NAUH expressed its opposition to a proposed regulation calling for changes in how the federal government defines individuals as “public charges” for the purpose of determining whether they should be admitted to the U.S. as immigrants. In the letter, NAUH maintained that the proposed regulation could have a chilling effect on the willingness of many legal citizens and legal non-citizens to take advantage of government health care programs such as Medicaid.  This, in turn, could affect the health of people, of communities, and of private safety-net hospitals, which would find themselves [&hellip

Ambulances Respond Slower to Low-Income Communities

People living in low-income communities wait about four minutes longer for ambulances to respond to their call for help when they are having a heart attack, a new study has found. In communities with annual median incomes between $57,000 and $113,000, the study found that ambulances arrive in an average of 37.5 minutes – faster than in communities where the annual median income is between $20,250 and $42,642, where the typical wait time is 43 minutes. Neither result is anywhere near industry benchmarks of 4, 8, and 15 minutes for delivering specific services in response to heart attack symptoms. Among [&hellip

MACPAC: Let’s “hit the pause button” on Medicaid Work Requirements

The non-partisan legislative branch agency that advises Congress and the administration on Medicaid issues will ask the administration to delay approving any more state Medicaid work requirements. That was the decision reached by the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission when it met last week. MACPAC warned that the work requirement currently being implemented in Arkansas, the first state to introduce such a requirement, is flawed and needs further work before moving forward.  The agency also believes the federal government should increase its oversight of new Medicaid work requirements before additional states begin implementing similar, already-approved Medicaid work requirements. [&hellip

House Members Protest Site-Neutral Payment Proposal

138 members of the House of Representatives have written to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services administrator Seema Verma to protest CMS’s proposal to extend Medicare outpatient site-neutral payment policies to off-campus, provider-based outpatient departments specifically exempted from such policies by Congress under the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015. In questioning CMS’s rationale for the proposed policy, the House members wrote that It is unclear how CMS has deemed all of the OPD [outpatient department] services at the grandfathered off-campus HOPDs [hospital outpatient departments] as cause of an unnecessary increase in volume of OPD services, and we ask you to [&hellip

New Report Looks at Medicaid Buy-In

While there has been a great deal of public discussion of late about “Medicare for all,” less attention has been paid to the concept of permitting people to buy into their state’s Medicaid program. Now, the Rockefeller Institute of Government has published a new report that presents the different approaches to the concept of Medicaid buy-in. It also seeks to address six major questions of potential Medicaid buy-in efforts: How large is the intended population of new enrollees? What kind of coverage would be offered? How would enrollment be financed? How would rates be set? Would the program use standard [&hellip

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