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Closer Scrutiny Needed for Medicaid Managed Care?

With Medicaid expansion about to begin in many states and managed care expected to be a major tool in that expansion, advocates are suggesting that states need to do a better job of monitoring the performance of the managed care plans that serve their Medicaid population.

Currently, according to advocates, different states monitor their Medicaid managed care plans for different aspects of their performance and some states do a better job than others.  With relatively few federal standards, state-to-state comparisons either are difficult or impossible.

Thirty-six states and the District of Columbia have at least some Medicaid patients enrolled in managed care plans, and together, those plans receive about one out of every four dollars that the states and the federal government spend on Medicaid.

Because they serve so many Medicaid patients, urban safety-net hospitals have a special interest in how states run their Medicaid managed care programs.

Read more about the issue, the challenges, and why this issue is now receiving attention in this Kaiser Health News reportHealth Care Reform/Flag.

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