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Colorado Expands Medicaid Eligibility – Sort of

The state of Colorado is taking advantage of Affordable Care Act incentives to expand eligibility for its Medicaid program.

But in a limited way.

Most state programs do not cover adults without children because the federal government does not match state spending for such coverage.  Through the Affordable Care Act, however, the federal government now offers such matching funds, so Colorado is expanding Medicaid eligibility to adults without children who earn less than $1080 a year.

But there’s a catch.

Because of limited state resources, Colorado can only afford to provide such coverage to 10,000 of the approximately 144,000 Coloradans who qualify, so the state will hold a lottery in which the prize is Medicaid eligibility.

Learn more about what Colorado is doing, how it is doing it, and where it found the money for this Medicaid expansion in this Kaiser Health News reportHealth Care Reform/Flag.

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