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Congress Could Be Closing in on Medicare “Doc Fix”

The leaders of key congressional committees have agreed on a new approach to paying doctors for caring for Medicare patients that would eliminate the sustainable growth rate formula, prevent the scheduled January 1, 2014 cut of 25 percent in Medicare physician fees, and chart a new course away from paying physicians for Medicare services on a fee-for-service basis.

A draft of the proposal was released last week by the chairmen of the Republican-controlled House Ways and Means Committee and the Democratic-controlled Senate Finance Committee, suggesting bipartisan support for the proposal, which quickly received guarded support from various health care interest groups.

Stock PhotoCongress has been addressing the problem of scheduled cuts in Medicare payments to physicians annually for a number of years, so this proposal represents an attempt to introduce a more long-term or even a permanent solution to the problem while also making another attempt to reduce the rate of health care cost growth.

Read about this latest proposal, and find a link to the draft plan, in this Kaiser Health News report.

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