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Connecticut Turns Back the Medicaid Clock

Approximately 70 percent of Medicaid beneficiaries today are served by Medicaid managed care plans.  States have increasingly turned to managed care over the years to serve their Medicaid beneficiaries, reasoning that such an approach saves money and improves access to care.

But one state – Connecticut – disagrees.

On January 1, Connecticut severed its relationships with managed care plans and began paying for Medicaid services on a fee-for-service basis.  State officials believe this will save them money and, with the addition of case management services, improve care for its Medicaid population.

Whether this is an isolated development or the beginning of a trend will be of keen interest to urban safety-net hospitals because they serve so many Medicaid patients.

Read why Connecticut is bucking such a strong nation-wide trend in this Stateline reportHappy medical team of doctors together.

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