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Did Court Green-Light Immediate Medicaid Cutbacks?

While the Supreme Court decision in the challenge to the Affordable Care Act overruled the reform law’s requirement that states expand Medicaid eligibility, some states have concluded that the court’s decision also releases them from the law’s maintenance-of-effort requirement that prohibits them from tightening Medicaid eligibility standards before 2014.

As a result, a number of states, including Maine, Wisconsin, Alabama, New Jersey, and Indiana, are already considering whether to reduce their Medicaid rolls in the very near future by raising the program’s eligibility standards.

As the primary providers of care to the Medicaid population in the communities they serve, urban safety-net hospitals will be monitoring these developments with great interest.

The Wall Street Journal takes a closer look at this unexpected turn in states’ reaction to the Supreme Court decision.  Read more about that reaction hereiStock_000001497717XSmall.

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