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Decision Time Looms for States On Medicaid Expansion

The time for states to decide whether they will expand their Medicaid programs in accordance with the Affordable Care Act is fast approaching.

With the Medicaid expansion due to begin in 2014, thirteen states seem likely to opt out, 14 appear ready to expand, and the rest are still on the fence.

Among the major concerns of states still deciding are the cost of expansion and their concern that the federal government, currently scheduled to assume almost all of the cost of expansion, may at some point decide to shift more of expansion’s costs to state governments.

The National Association of Urban Hospitals (NAUH) and the nation’s private, non-profit urban safety-net hospitals strongly support the 2010 health care reform act’s Medicaid expansion.

Read more about the deliberations taking place in state capitals across the country, and the questions with which elected officials are wrestling, in this Washington Post articleiStock_000015640638XSmall.

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