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Dual Eligibles: A Bigger Challenge Than Expected?

Moving the dual-eligible (Medicare and Medicaid) population into managed care plans may be more difficult than expected if recent experience in California is any indication.

According to a recent report about that state’s effort to move 240,000 dually eligible low-income seniors and people and with disabilities into managed care, the effort has run into numerous difficulties, including beneficiary anxiety and inability to understand the changes under way, lack of adequate information from the insurers, and problems recruiting providers to participate in care networks.

This comes at the same time that the federal government is encouraging states to find better, more economical ways of serving their dual eligible populations, which are among the costliest Medicare and Medicaid patients to serve.

This is an important issue for most urban safety-net hospitals because they generally care for so many dually eligible patients.

Read more about the challenges encountered in California and the federal effort to find better ways to serve the dual eligible population in this Kaiser Health News reportiStock_000008112453XSmall.

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