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Focus on Dual Eligibles

Much of the focus of health care reform has been on how best to serve so-called dual eligibles:  the nine million or so people in the U.S. today – mostly seniors – whose health care is paid for by both Medicare and Medicaid.

But who are these dual eligibles?  For what aspects of their care is Medicare responsible?  For what aspects is Medicaid responsible?  What services are they using and how might better coordination of care between the two programs produce healthier seniors while saving money?

Dual eligibles are of particular concern to urban safety-net hospitals because of the especially large numbers of such patients they treat.  These hospitals consequently have a greater stake in any new approaches to caring for this population.

The Kaiser Family Foundation takes a look at dual eligibles in two new background documents.  Read about Medicare’s role in serving dual eligibles here and about Medicaid’s role hereMedical Equipment.

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