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Health Insurance Expansion to Leave Millions Behind

The Supreme Court decision that gave individual states the right to decide whether to expand their Medicaid programs as envisioned in the Affordable Care Act will result in millions of Americans not benefiting from the reform law’s health insurance expansion.

Approximately half of the states have chosen not to expand their Medicaid programs, but those states account for two-thirds of all low-income African-Americans and single mothers and 60 percent of the uninsured working poor.  Because the 2010 reform law anticipated expanded Medicaid in all 50 states, these people will not be eligible for the law’s health insurance subsidies – even though neighbors who earn more than they do will receive such subsidies.

Medical EquipmentIn all, about eight million people who would have been eligible for Medicaid under the reform law that Congress passed will most likely remain uninsured – and many of them live in communities served by the nation’s private, non-profit urban safety-net hospitals.

Learn more about where these people live and how and why health care reform is leaving them behind in this New York Times article.

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