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Health Reform: More Than Medicaid Expansion

While Medicaid expansion is currently receiving most of the attention of people watching the progress of implementation of the Affordable Care Act, other aspects of the health reform law also are now well under way as well.

Currently, states are developing their health insurance exchanges (or working with federal officials who are developing some state exchanges); upgrading their IT systems to meet new federal Medicaid enrollment standards and to prepare for implementation of the exchanges; reviewing and approving new health insurance offerings; considering new “scope of practice” guidelines for nurse practitioners and physician assistants to supplement their current supply of primary care physicians; preparing new measures to comply with federal laws involving fraud and abuse; and more.

The Stateline web site takes a closer look at how states are preparing for the implementation of more Affordable Care Act provisions.  That report, “States Prepare to Launch New Health Law,” can be found hereHealth Care Reform/Flag.

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