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Hospitals Ratchet Up Advocacy of Medicaid Expansion

Hospitals across the country are working with other interest groups to attempt to persuade their state governments to expand their Medicaid programs as envisioned in the Affordable Care Act.

Some states still have not decided whether they will expand, and in a few states where governors have indicated their desire to do so, state legislators are opposing such action.

Among the arguments that advocates of Medicaid expansion are making are that expansion will bring huge amounts of new federal money to their state; that it will help people who currently lack reasonable access to care; and that it will help stabilize hospitals’ financial condition.

The National Association of Urban Hospitals supports Medicaid expansion.

Read more about this latest round of Medicaid expansion advocacy, the people behind it, and what they are doing to try to change people’s minds in this Stateline articleHealth Care Reform/Flag.

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