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Implications of States Opting Out for Low-Income Families

With the Supreme Court’s decision in the Affordable Care Act challenge case giving states the choice of whether to participate in the reform law’s significant expansion of Medicaid eligibility, many low-income people will need to wait a while longer to see what their state decides to do.

The implications are considerable:  while some low-income families will be eligible for insurance subsidies if their state does not expand Medicaid eligibility, some of those families will not be eligible for such subsidies and still will not qualify for Medicaid.

Because they care for so many low-income patients who currently are uninsured, urban safety-net hospitals are understandably concerned about what their state governments will decide to do.

The Washington Post has developed an interesting chart that shows the implications of opting out for low-income families in all 50 states.  See that chart and an accompanying article hereFirst Aid.

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