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Loss of DSH Will Hurt Safety-Net Hospitals

While the Affordable Care Act offers promise for greatly reducing the number of uninsured patients hospitals serve, it will not help the nation’s undocumented residents, who will not have access to the reform law’s various health insurance expansion provisions.

222928_183493538368130_3871578_nHow will this affect hospitals in the communities in which undocumented residents live?  How will it affect the safety-net hospitals that provide most of that care but that will be losing some of the Medicare disproportionate share (Medicare DSH) revenue that has long helped underwrite this care?

The organization Connecticut Health Investigative Team took a closer look at at how this issue will affect providers in one state, including the uncompensated care costs incurred by five Connecticut hospitals – four of which are urban safety-net hospitals.  Read the Connecticut Health Investigative Team’s report here.

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