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Medicaid Expansion: Will They Or Won’t They?

The Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act permits individual states to decide for themselves whether they will expand Medicaid eligibility under the reform law’s terms.

The question now is whether states will pursue such expansion.  While federal funding of Medicaid expansion will begin at 100 percent of costs and phase down to 90 percent in five years, it is not yet clear whether even this generous funding will induce some states to expand their Medicaid rolls.

Private, non-profit urban safety-net hospitals have a considerable stake in the decisions their states ultimately make.  Many of the uninsured patients urban safety-net hospitals serve today could very well become insured, through Medicaid, if their state moves forward with the Medicaid expansion, thereby reducing the amount of uncompensated care such hospitals must provide.

On the Stateline web site, the article “Courts Let States Opt Out of Medicaid Expansion” examines the issues states will need to examine before making this decision and offers a preliminary look at the reaction of many governors to the court ruling – and to the question of whether they anticipate their state moving ahead with Medicaid expansion.  Read the Stateline article hereHealth Care Reform/Flag.

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