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Medicaid Primary Care Fee Increase Still Slated for January 1

Unless they fall victim to fiscal cliff negotiations, Medicaid fees for many primary care services will rise on January 1 to the same level as Medicare fees for comparable services.

This fee increase, part of the Affordable Care Act, was created to give an incentive to more physicians to serve Medicaid patients in anticipation of the significant increase in Medicaid eligibility that will take place in many states beginning in October of 2013.

The anticipated fee increase for Medicaid primary care services is especially important to urban safety-net hospitals because of the large numbers of Medicaid patients they serve.

Read more about the Medicaid fee increase, what services it applies to, which providers are eligible to receive it, what it seeks to achieve, and how it will work in this reportFirst Aid from the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured.

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