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As policy-makers in Washington, D.C. continue to talk about ways to reduce federal spending, or at least the growth of federal spending, it is clear they also will continue to look at Medicare as a potential source of savings.

When they do, they will draw from a variety of past efforts to cut Medicare costs – recommendations from congressional committees, presidential commissions, MedPAC, and others.

The National Association of Urban Hospitals (NAUH) is naturally concerned about the prospect of additional Medicare cuts because the Affordable Care Act and other recent federal legislation and programs have already resulted in billions of dollars in future Medicare payment cuts for hospitals.  NAUH has identified some of the cuts and potential cuts that trouble urban safety-net hospitals the most in its 2013 advocacy agenda, which can be found here, and intends to be an active participant in the public dialogue and debate that addresses additional changes in Medicare reimbursement policy.

The Kaiser Family Foundation has pulled together many of these Medicare proposals in a single document that promises to be an important resource for federal officials in the coming months.  Find the report, Policy Options to Sustain Medicare for the Future, hereCongress Chamber on the web site of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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