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Let Medicare Lead on Serving Dual Eligibles, Study Argues

Contrary to the current trend of state Medicaid programs taking the lead on serving the dual eligible population, Medicare should be the driving force in finding better ways to serve the these patients, according to “Refocusing Responsibility For Dual Eligibles: Why Medicare Should Take The Lead,” a report by the Urban Institute.

Eighty percent of the money spent on the care of dual eligibles, the report notes, are federal dollars, not state funds, giving Medicare and the federal government a much greater stake in finding new and better approaches to serving these costly patients.

Dual eligible patients pose special challenges to urban safety-net hospitals, in part because of the medical challenges they present and in part because of their frequent inability to pay their Medicare co-pays and deductible at a time when it appears the federal government is about to reduce or eliminate its long-standing commitment to helping hospitals with their Medicare bad debt.

Read this report from the Urban Institute hereWheelchair.

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