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NAUH Asks Congress to Protect Urban Safety-Net Hospitals During Deficit Reduction Negotiations

NAUH has written to Congress to ask members to protect urban safety-net hospitals during deficit reduction negotiations and in any legislation that emerges from those negotiations.

In a message to all members of Congress, NAUH noted that private, non-profit urban safety-net hospitals already face the prospect of billions of dollars in cuts in the coming years, including enormous Medicare DSH and Medicaid DSH cuts.  NAUH noted that the negotiations appear to be discussing additional Medicare and Medicaid DSH cuts, cuts in Medicare bad debt reimbursement, and cuts in indirect medical education (IME) and graduate medical education (GME) payments.

NAUH asked members of Congress to reject any further cuts in Medicare and Medicaid beyond those already implemented or soon to be implemented as a result of the Affordable Care Act.  Read NAUH’s message to Congress hereCongress Chamber.

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