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NAUH Lauds MedPAC in News Release

The National Association of Urban Hospitals (NAUH) has praised MedPAC in a news release for the agency’s recommendation for reforming the Medicare hospital readmissions reduction program.

That program penalizes hospitals for what it considers “excessive” readmissions of Medicare patients.  MedPAC has observed that basing such penalties simply on numbers, regardless of the types of patients hospitals serve, unfairly penalizes safety-net hospitals that care for patients whose problems often go beyond medical concerns and could eventually discourage hospitals NAUH Logofrom serving such patients.

Instead, MedPAC recommended that in assessing hospitals’ readmissions, Medicare should compare hospitals to similar hospitals – such as comparing the readmissions of urban safety-net hospitals to those of other urban safety-net hospitals.

NAUH has long espoused the same position.

Read NAUH’s news release about this latest MedPAC recommendation here.

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