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NAUH Lobbies Congress on Fiscal Cliff Issues

With Congress and the administration now negotiating a solution to the fiscal cliff crisis, National Association of Urban Hospitals members are reaching out to their congressional delegations with the following messages:

  • Further Medicare and Medicaid cuts to hospitals should not be part of the solution.
  • Through the Affordable Care Act, sequestration, and other legislation and regulations, urban safety-net hospitals have already been asked to endure significant cuts in their Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.
  • More cuts – including the biggest ones – have not yet even taken effect.
  • Private urban safety-net hospitals simply cannot afford any more Medicare and Medicaid cuts without jeopardizing their ability to continue meeting the health care needs of the low-income, low-income elderly, and uninsured residents of the communities they serve.
  • Please oppose further Medicare and Medicaid cuts to hospitals as part of any solution to the fiscal cliff crisis.

NAUH members are already delivering this message to their congressional delegations and will continue to do so as fiscal cliff negotiations continue.


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