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NAUH Member Part of New Approach to Serving High-Volume ER Patients

It is well known by now that a very small proportion of Medicaid patients account for a very high proportion of Medicaid spending, and hospitals and other providers are constantly searching for new and better ways to serve those who show up frequently in their emergency rooms.

jersey_city_medical_centerNAUH member Jersey City Medical Center is part of such an effort, and that effort is yielding major results:  better care for patients, lower Medicaid costs for the state, and an enhanced capacity to deliver high-quality outcomes for hospitals.  Along with other hospitals in New Jersey, the Jersey City Medical Center is using data to improve its ability to identify patients in need of frequent care and deliver the services they need to keep those patients healthy and out of the hospital emergency room.  The program also serves those who visit the ER frequently but not as often as the heaviest users.

Read more about Jersey City Medical Center, the program, the results it is producing, and its potential in this Newark Star-Ledger article.

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