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NAUH Seeks Help From Congress

NAUH has asked Congress for protection from any Medicare and Medicaid cuts that are part of the doc fix solution.

Last week, NAUH informed its members about a House proposal that called for reducing Medicare bad debt reimbursement, cutting future Medicaid disproportionate share payments (Medicaid DSH), and lowering Medicare outpatient payments to help prevent a cut in Medicare payments to physicians scheduled to take effect on January 1, 2012.

NAUH also asked its members to contact their congressional delegation about the proposed cuts.

Finally, NAUH sent a message to every member of Congress, asking them to protect urban safety-net hospitals from these and any other Medicare or Medicaid cuts adopted to pay for the much-discussed Medicare doc fix.

Read NAUH’s memo to its members about the House proposal, a sample email it sent to members for use with their congressional delegations, and NAUH’s message to CongressNAUH Logo about the proposed cuts.

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