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NAUH Tackles Medicare Bad Debt Reimbursement Cut

In a message to Congress and a news release, NAUH has elaborated on its opposition to the reduction of Medicare bad debt reimbursement proposed in the Medicare doc fix bill (H.R. 3630).

NAUH noted that while the overall amount of savings associated with the bad debt reimbursement cut – $14 billion – may seem modest, it would be absorbed primarily by urban safety-net hospitals and other hospitals like them that care for disproportionately large numbers of low-income, dually eligible (Medicare and Medicaid) seniors.

The messages also note that most Medicare bad debt is virtually uncollectible and that urban safety-net hospitals have already been targeted to bear the lion’s share of Medicare and Medicaid cuts mandated under the Affordable Care Act and should be spared any further cuts.

Read NAUH’s message to Congress and its news releaseNAUH Logo on this issue of vital importance to the National Association of Urban Hospitals and urban safety-net hospitals everywhere.

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