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Proposed ER Criteria Could Hurt Urban Hospitals

Criteria that seek to measure the effectiveness of hospital emergency department operations could be disadvantageous to large urban hospitals, according to a recent report.

New “throughput” measures endorsed by the National Quality Forum fail to reflect the different conditions that large urban hospitals face, according to the article “Exogenous Predictors of National Performance Measures for Emergency Department Crowding,” published recently in the Annals of Emergency Medicine.  The article noted that evaluating hospital ER operations based on measures such as waiting time and length of stay fails to reflect circumstances and conditions beyond hospitals’ control.

If such criteria were ever to be employed for reimbursement purposes, they could be harmful to urban safety-net hospitals.

Read a FierceHealthcare newsletter report on this issue here and find a link to the Annals of Emergency Medicine article hereiStock_000000522737XSmall.

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