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Reports Examine Potential Relationships Between Medicaid, Health Exchanges, and Private Insurers

Come 2014, millions of Americans will become eligible for Medicaid while millions more will enter the private insurance market, where many may seek insurance through the health insurance exchanges (HIEs) established in the Affordable Care Act.

How will those three types of entities – state Medicaid programs, the HIEs, and private insurers – interact and work together?  Or will they work together at all?

Because they care for so many low-income patients who are covered by Medicaid, who will need to obtain health insurance through HIEs, and who may very well go back and forth with some frequency between Medicaid and private insurance, such questions are of great importance to urban safety-net hospitals.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation explores these questions with two new publications:  “Should States Integrate Health Insurance Exchanges and Medicaid?” which can be downloaded here, and “Building a Relationship Between Medicaid, the Exchange and the Individual Insurance Market, which can be downloaded hereHealth Care Reform/Flag.

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