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S-10 Survey Shows Confusion Over Uncompensated Care Reporting

Hospitals are unsure how to report their uncompensated care to Medicare – and it may end up costing them money.

When the Affordable Care Act-mandated 75 percent cut in hospitals’ Medicare DSH payments takes effect in FY 2014, that cut will be offset, in part, based on how much uncompensated care hospitals provide.  While it is not yet known how Medicare will determine how much uncompensated care hospitals deliver, speculation centers on its possible use of the newly revised S-10 form in the Medicare cost report.

With this in mind, NAUH conducted an online survey of private, non-profit urban safety-net hospitals to determine how accurate and effective the revamped S-10 might be.  NAUH found that hospitals differed considerable over their readiness to complete the new form.  Many did not know where they would report different kinds of uncompensated care on the form and could not explicitly identify the sources of some of their revenue for caring for low-income patients.  Read the full reportiStock_000015725011XSmall, “Challenges in Interpreting Completion of the Medicare S-10 Form.”

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