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Senator Targets Medicaid Prescribing Practices

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley has written to Medicaid directors in 34 states asking for information about how they monitor the prescribing practices of physicians who treat Medicaid patients.

In particular, Senator Grassley is asking the Medicaid directors how they address physicians who appear to be writing unusual quantities of prescriptions for certain drugs.

In Ohio, for example, one physician wrote 18,890 prescriptions for the drug Seroquel, which is used to treat schizophrenia.  The senator’s letter to Ohio’s state Medicaid director notes that the physician in question needed to write 73 such prescriptions every weekday, or nine an hour, to reach the yearly total.

The letter to the Ohio state Medicaid director, which is an example of the letters Senator Grassley sent to all 34 states, can be found here.  Learn more about Senator Grassley’s letter in this Pro Publica articlePrescription Medication Spilling From an Open Medicine Bottle.

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