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Sequestration Begins; Effects Coming

Although sequestration officially began on March 1, official accounting that will lead to cuts only began on April 1.

As of that date, health care providers of all kinds face cuts in their Medicare payments from the federal government.

Doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other face cuts, as do medical education programs, bad debt reimbursement, and others.

Because many of these payments are made in periodic lump sums rather than based on individual services rendered, their effects will not be felt immediately but will definitely be felt in the near future.

Because of their heavy reliance on reimbursement from public payers, these cuts will be especially damaging to urban safety-net hospitals.iStock_000005564268XSmall

Read more about the start of sequestration, who and what will be affected, and when the actual pain of payment cuts will begin in this article from the Medicare Newsgroup.

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