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Sequestration Could Cost Health Care Jobs

Unless Congress reverses the sequestration of $2 billion in Medicare funding by the end of 2012, that cut in federal Medicare spending could result in the loss of nearly a half-million health care jobs in 2013 alone.

So says a new report sponsored by the American Hospital Association, the American Medical Association, and the American Nurses Association.

The cuts are mandated by the Budget Control Act, which Congress adopted late last year.  While discussions are under way in Congress to block or delay implementation of the sequestration cuts in Medicare, defense, and other spending areas, it is not clear at this time whether those efforts will succeed.

It also is not clear what cuts the federal government will make to save the required $2 billion.

Any large-scale job losses associated with reduced federal Medicare spending would no doubt hit urban safety-net hospitals hard because of the large numbers of Medicare patients they serve and their already-thin operating margins.

Download the report describing the impact of the $2 billion Medicare sequestration on health care employment hereUS Capitol Dome.

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