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States Pursue End-Run Around Ban on Medicaid Eligibility Cuts

Burdened by high Medicaid costs, several states are seeking ways around the Affordable Care Act’s maintenance-of-effort requirement governing Medicaid eligibility.

Illinois obtained an exception to the requirement that enabled the state to cut 26,000 people from its Medicaid rolls.  Maine awaits a decision on its request to raise its Medicaid eligibility standard in a manner that would leave 12,000 of its residents without Medicaid coverage.

The Affordable Care Act’s maintenance-of-effort requirement does not expire until 2014.

Because they care for so many Medicaid patients who would otherwise be uninsured, urban safety-net hospitals have an especially large stake in federal decisions on whether to grant exceptions to the maintenance-of-effort requirement.

Read more about how states are seeking to cut their Medicaid rolls in thisiStock_000005564268XSmall CQ article presented by the Commonwealth Fund.

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