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Urban Hospitals Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

In the nation’s largest city, hospitals are not waiting for their uninsured patients to figure out if they qualify for Medicaid or subsidized health insurance; they are leading those patients through those processes themselves.

iStock_000005564268XSmallIn New York City, hospitals are aggressively reaching out to uninsured patients – in some cases, even as they wait in emergency rooms for care – to see if they can help them secure health insurance.  The hospitals, recognizing the imminent loss of significant amounts of Medicaid disproportionate share (Medicaid DSH) payments and the need to compensate for this loss, as much as possible, with new patient insurance revenue, are training their employees in how to help patients obtain health insurance.

Learn more about the reasoning behind the efforts of New York City hospitals and how they are tackling this challenge in this Wall Street Journal article.

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