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What’s Next for Medicaid Expansion?

With the Obama administration’s victory in the King v. Burwell challenge, attention again turns to Medicaid expansion in the states, where 21 states have yet to expand their Medicaid programs as authorized by the Affordable Care Act. Two of those 21 states – Alaska and Utah – are expected to seek federal approval for Medicaid expansion plans by the end of the year.

The remaining states are in the south and west, and within those states, the decision not to expand is partly political and partly financial: some officials are opposed to expanding their Medicaid programs for ideological reasons while others fear future Medicaid costs associated with expansion.

iStock_000014445371XSmallIn Florida, Idaho, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wyoming, state governors have sought to expand their Medicaid programs, only to have their efforts rejected by their state legislatures.

In a report titled “On Medicaid Expansion, a Question of Math and Politics,” the Stateline web site takes a look at Medicaid expansion prospects in states that have not yet done so and examines the issues that state lawmakers are considering as they weigh their options. Find that Stateline report here.


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