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Working to Contain Medicaid Costs

Policy experts and providers have long known that small numbers of Medicaid recipients account for significant proportions of overall Medicaid costs.

In a new report, the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease notes the opportunity this presents for policy-makers to develop approaches that bend the Medicaid cost curve by implementing programs that reduce the use of hospital emergency rooms and inpatient services among patients with chronic medical conditions.

Containing these costs, the report concludes, will require better coordination of care, better integration of care, and supportive public policy that encourages states to test new approaches.

Learn more about how states and providers can better contain Medicaid costs in “Understanding and Addressing ‘Hot Spots’ Critical to Bending the Medicaid Cost Curve,” from the Partnerships to Fight Chronic Disease.  Find a summary of the report and a link to the entire document hereiStock_000006556811XSmall.

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